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A Voodoo Krump Experience # Illest Madrootz

After Drop Circles, we are very excited to share with you our last motion (poqpoq prod.) Be ready for "a voodoo krump experience" !

Memories of my youth are full of images of the trance of sacred dances from West Africa.
Now that I ended up in the western world, I discovered with such amazement krump. Last May, in Paris, I assisted to the Illest 100% battle International, organized by Madrootz, a great krumpers' family. I could then see dancers, men and women, from countries all over the world, expressing themselves with all their heart and gut, with great values of respect and brotherhood.

Energy, power, brutality, sincerity, authenticity, all these words could define this dance, this way of life.

Through it I found some kind of relevance with the music I can create.


Video produced by poqpoq prod.

Images : Jeremy Frey

Music : Loan


Shooted during the ILLEST 2013 event in Paris - WIP La Villette

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